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December 05, 2006


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

I actually stopped buying the single issues after this arc because it had strayed too far away from what I also believed was its original premise. Picked up the special, too, but never got around to reading the second issue. Disappointing considering the first two arcs were so full of promise and potential.

Kurt Addams

Yep. I think if someone were reading the first four trades straight through, without seeing the credits, they would conclude that the title had switched authors about halfway and the new guy decided throw out all that sci-fi crep.


Well, I read the comic monthly, and in some ways, its reverting back to form. This is good, because the Political Thriller aspect of it isn't its strong point.

I agree that there are way too many straw men in this book, and that Hundred is just spouting off in response to 24 hour news crap, but I think its important to point out that Hundred actually has very different political views that Vaughan. I actually think this is part of the problem with the writing. Of course, if Hundred did have the same views as Vaughan, it would most likely turn into a book that half the people wouldn't want to read any more, because the protagonist is a dirty $OPPOSITEPOLITICALALIGNMENT.

Marco Milone



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