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November 14, 2006


The League

Firstly, welcome back to the land of blogging. We've missed you.

Secondly, I watched the second episode of "Heroes" and had a very similar reaction. As many of my friends know I'm into the comics, they keep asking me what I think of the show, and I honestly don't know. Nothing about the one episode made me want to see it again, but I don't know what turned me off. The fact that my comic reading has shown me something similar more than once? The humorless march toward doom (you need a Han Solo or Mulder to shed a little light on the grim proceedings)? The Post-Lost-Mystery-Show insistence that if I watch one episode I am (a) obligated to watch for the next few years, and (b) if I miss a single episode, I'll never catch up again? yet another show featuring an all-knowing evil shadow-conspiracy organization with endless resources, always one step ahead of our heroes?

I don't know. All of these things bothered me and none of them bothered me. I don't need my superheroes in costumes. Maybe I'll try again at some point.

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