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May 05, 2006


Mark Fossen

We're sharing a brain it seems ...

I just reviewed Northwest Passage, and had much the same reaction.

Also, I completely understand and share your reaction to Skyscrapers Of The Midwest.


It was actually your mentioning of it that got me to pull my copies of Northwest Passage of the shelf. I should have credited you in the post.


Superheroes divided over legislation

You've just put into words the nagging feeling of distrust, dislike, and distaste I have for this project, because when you termed it this way, I suddenly remembered the last SF high adventure saga that had tax tariffs, economic discussions and senatorial filibusters shoehorned into it...and that also gave us Jar Jar Binks.


join me w/ the folks decidedly unexcited about Civil War. Nothing about this project except Millar writing it is the least bit interesting to me for some reason...

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