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May 30, 2006


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

The American Way is my latest hype recipient. Its sales suck but, IMO, it's easily one of the best things being published right now. If the final four issues are half as good as the first four, it will be an instant classic; Watchmen potential, I say, with a better shot at making it to the big screen thanks to a more accessible foundation. Hopefully Wildstorm stands behind it and let's it complete its run.

As for the ASBARTBW gatefold, that was a first for me and I loved it more and more with each successive page! I'm rereading Strikes Again -- the comic that set the stage for my own return to comics -- and I get the sense that Miller's doing Dark Knight: Year One here. I was on the fence at first, but hey, if Alan Moore can get a bye for kiddie porn, Miller can be as self-indulgent as he wants with a character who bears his thumbprint more prominently than any one else's, Kane and Finger included.


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