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May 01, 2006


~Bear'Z Blog~

Dear speculators!
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I've never been one to buy variant covers, but I also have a hard time envisioning myself selling my comics (trading with a friend is another matter), so they probably aren't aimed at me. I do hope thye don't go back to the '90s, when there we seven covers for every book. That got kind of confusing.

As for Iron Man, I haven't read the solo titles, but I'd say the Spider-Man books tend to emphasize that Stark has a "lead dog" mentality, from the way he's trying to keep Peter under control. Whether he's poking and prodding after Peter's "death", or giving him a new costume with stuff he didn't ask for, or making Peter swear a blood oath not to tell anyone about stuff before confiding in him (which would have made me say no way. You want me to keep secrets from Captain America? There's no way it can be honest, unless it's a surprise birthday party), he comes off as very controlling, and he has kind of been an ass to Mary jane with the microphones and stuff in their bedroom(!)

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