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May 10, 2006



Re: Civil War, my biggest hope is that it doesn't mess us the monthly books I read too much. Although if it keeps JMS away from any more magic-oriented Spidey stories, that's be a huge plus.

Also, i can't buy countries being more likely to try something against the U.S. because of House of M because they think the U.S. is weaker. Because proportionally, other countries would have even fewer remaining superhumans, seeing as how pretty much all remaining mutants are in America right?

As for IC, I was just glad it was over, regardless of whether it was any good. I think five consecutive months of IC-related stories in teen Titans killed my enthusiasm.


Was Joe Q talking allegorically when he said "superhero nation" as in Mutants as whole are now far weeker and other "nations" (humans, other metahumans) are looking to go for the throat now that mutants really have their back against the wall? (sorry to throw out a ton of cliches there...)

Also, I don't think the idea of the government invading privacy has dissapeared "below the fold". Sure it has if all you read is the NY Post or most "mainstream" press where all that seems to mater is sensationalism, but there's plenty of news out there showing American Civil Liberties getting slowly nudged aside and encroached upon. Case in point:


Calvin – From the sounds of things Civil War is going to have some imprint on various monthly titles, although I don’t think Marvel is going with the full House Of M treatment. And I think you’re right about the proportionality of the losses.

Craig – I think I see where you’re heading with that first paragraph, but that wasn’t what I took away from Quesada’s comments. And I had a good chuckle when I heard the USA today announcement yesterday and saw my own paper’s front page this morning. Pretty good timing for the CIVIL WAR theme. Maybe we’re in for another stanza of the “our civil liberties are being eroded” song, it is an election year, after all.

But you'll have to forgive my inability to be too worried about this type of thing. I’m in my forties now and I have a hard time enumerating so much as one lost liberty. Again, as I said in my post, I don’t think the whole “big brother” fear has gone away, it just doesn’t move the needle like it has in the recent past. I doubt this new bit of NSA info will change that much.


Okay, I stand corrected regarding Civil War, looks like it's getting the FULL House of M treatment. If I'm reading the checklist correctly there's literally dozens of issues affected.

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