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February 21, 2006




Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly with you, only I'm about a billion times more bitter. :-)

Bendis/Quesada are single-handedly ruining the premier superteam of the Marvel U.

Side note: I had no idea the energy villain thingy was supposed to be Professor X. Thanks for the info --- from now on I'll just call it "Onslaught" :-)


The threat is Professor X? Seriously? I had no idea, though it still leaves the question of what the hell Xavier was doing in Alaska to begin with.

I thought that only Cyclops went up there, and only when he needed to mope.


Please don't take this as gospel. I can't even remember exactly where I read it but it was from someone who at least sounded like they knew what they were talking about. It could very well turn out to be someone/thing else. Frankly, I'd be happier if it weren't Xavier.

Jim Roeg

Totally agree, Kurt. What a disappointment this title has become. I didn't even care that I didn't know what was happening; what irritated me is that the whole issue is basically just an extended gag--with virtually no Avengers in sight at all. The only bright spot here for me is that McNiven's already impressive art has actually improved over the course of the series, but still, I'm on the verge of dropping this.

David C

I'm starting to feel the same way, and thinking "Civil War" might make a fine "jumping off" point for a bunch of titles.

Cove West

When it comes to "Decimation," apparently Marvel doesn't even know what's going on. The inconsistancies and contradictions in all the related titles have completely turned me off of what looked to be an interesting story. Even the 90's X-overs weren't this botched. So it doesn't surprise me that I have to rely on the Internet to understand something as should-be-no-brainer as the PLOT of Marvel's flagship title.

As for NEW AVENGERS itself, I'm not as storm-the-castle outraged as most of the blogosphere seems to be. Yeah, Bendis is decompressing the thing to an absurd degree, the plots are barely a step above "killer female Danger Room robot," and the action has amounted to little more than pretty explosions. Still, Bendis has a great core team to work with in Cap, IM, Luke Cage, and the Spideys, and he uses them well (despite trying to shoehorn WTF?ers Sentry, Ronin, and Wolverine onto the team). The Ronin arc somehow held my interest, perhaps because the setting and characters harkened back to Claremont (yet somehow managed to ignore Claremont's Wolverine in favor of the current drunken ass-hat Wolverine). And anything that puts Carol Danvers in the spotlight as hero gets Airwolf points from me. I guess I'd say I don't mind spending $3 a month for it. As opposed to say SUPERMAN/BATMAN.

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