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February 26, 2006



Hmm...I love all the picks but the last three: Red Tornado, The Question and the Atom. I can see the Atom having a chance, so I'll leave that one alone.
Now, I have heard rumors of Booster Gold having a big push in the New DC world that is fast approaching. I would not be surprised to see him become a member, even though Brad has said he did not like the B-leaguers. The use of Booster may be an "upper-level-push".
Someone who is not being mentioned also is Captain Marvel. Now, I am not positive on his current status, but to have him locked up in Wizards Rock is just plain silly. He would be such a welcome addition to the JLA just with his attitude alone.
I do like the Captain Atom plug too, though. He'd be interesting.
I just don't think the Question would be a good fit for the roster. And I don't care for Red Tornado- that may be the oly reason why I don't see him being a member- yet.

The League

There was an announcement that Gail Simone is working on a series called "The All New Atom", which leads me to believe Ray Palmer won't be seen for a while, even if an Atom is on the team.

My big question is: Why isn't DC doing the JLU treatment for Justice League? If all the Supervillains can join a Society, why can't every single person in that picture be a Justice Leaguer or at least a reserve member? I'd buy that book just to check out the various teams they'd throw together.

I'm looking forward to the relaunch, as I never felt as excited picking up JLA after Morrison's run ended (but I also really liked his run on JLA). I DID enjoy the Infinite Crisis/ Identity Crisis tie-in by Geoff Johns and Heinberg, though, so I half expected them to return to the book.

I have no guesses as to a line-up. They've got a good pool to pick from based on that image (even if including the Karate Kid from Legion would have given me migraines).

I just have a hard time believing Meltzer won't go back to using Green Arrow and Elongated Man as focal characters, but maybe that's just me.

Cove West

I'm kind of excited about Meltzer's JLA. As long as he stays away from the overwrought "adult" ideas and nonsensical "mystery" of IDENTITY CRISIS, it should be good. His IC JLA was handled pretty well, mindwipes notwithstanding. If he taps back into that genuine nostalgia he brought to GREEN ARROW, I'm stoked.

I really liked your lineup, Kurt. Especially Red Tornado, who hasn't had much exposure in the past decade or so except his babysitting skills with Young Justice. The team's got some major players (Atom, Donna, Canary, Question) that aren't so overly iconic that they choke the drama--a problem everyone has had with the Big 7 (except Morrison, who can chuck drama in favor of wonder)--but aren't so blank-slate that no one cares. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the 10th member is Cassandra Cain dressed as a male ninja.


But I have a sneaking suspicion that the 10th member is Cassandra Cain dressed as a male ninja.

First comment in a while that’s made me laugh out loud. And then I cried when I realized Cove was probably right.

Randy – I almost included Booster in place of Red Tornado. I’ve read there’s a bunch of stuff in the next issue or two of IC involving him, so we’ll see if he transforms into a more viable hero for a Silver Age type of League. Great point about Captain Marvel’s attitude but I think he might be too analogous to Superman and I’ve read somewhere there are plans to do something with the whole Marvel Family. So the big red cheese should come out of the rock soon.

League – Hadn’t heard the Simone announcement – it would certainly put a damper on the Ray Palmer Atom returning. Even if he’s not part of this first roster I’d bet he returns at some point during Meltzer’s run. GA and/or Elongated Man could be back but I’d be surprised if we get an entire roster that looks like the JLA circa 1978. I think there will have to be more than one token surprise. But maybe that’s handled with this “new” Flash and a Donna Troy Wonder Woman.

Jeff R.

Cyborg was in the Super Friends, which is almost sorta kinda like having a league connection, at least to those of a certain age...


Although Meltzer has tons of choices for his JLA, we must consider the changes in the DCU (ie. 52, Seven Soldiers, OYL titles, etc). So thus, characters under those stories should not take part, aside from heroes that can reinforce their titles (ie. the Flash, Wonder Woman, etc). I like the bit with Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan needs redemption), the Flash (hopefully Bart Allen), Wonder Woman (Donna Troy), Red Tornado, and Hawkgirl. I can take Black Canary, considering her resignation from the Birds of Prey (Jade Canary aka. Lady Shiva replaced her). For the last two, I'm a bit shaky. Since his re-entry in the DCU after a stint in Vertigo, B-list hero Animal Man could use another shot, considering his communication with animals and the absence of Aquaman. Which leaves me with one left. Although he's not present in the photo, I could picture Connor Hawke's Green Arrow in the mix and might be the 10th member wild card. With his father as mayor in Star City, the JLA needs an emissary for the anti-establishment goat. So my lineup would consist of: Superman, Batman, Donna Troy's Wonder Woman, Bart Allen's Flash, Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, Connor Hawke's Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Animal Man, Black Canary, and Red Tornado.


I don't know about using Hawkgirl - Kendra has a lot of plot and character interaction back in Hawkgirl and definitely in JSA (or did around vol. 6-9, anyway), and putting her in the JLA would sort of axe her JSA business.


eNiGmA (can I call you Edward?) - I like the idea of Conner Hawke's Green Arrow. That kind of tie's in with Kingdom Come, doesn't it? I'm not sure about Bart Allen as Flash - but why not? I think a lot of people are hoping it's Barry.

Martin - I thought the JSA stories with Kendra we're among the best, but it's been a while since she's made an appearance there. I don't think anything would prevent her from joining the JLA, nor would that invalidate her prior JSA affiliation.


Kurt - Call me whatever u want. But to comment on the whole Barry/Bart bit, as much as I luv Barry Allen's Flash, varies sources like Newsarama say otherwise. Besides, the recent Flash pics suggest it's Bart. The yellow eyes were a dead giveaway. And thanx for Connor Hawke comment. He's one of my personal favs. All I can say is wait for #0 and #1 in the upcoming months.

Alejandro Ruiz

Interesting choices. There will be 10 members and apparently plenty of guest stars, I see more of a balance between the male female ratio and nods to nearly all of the incarnations of the League.I think Meltzer mentioned he wasn't keen on Aquaman nor the Martian Manhunter.

(1) Superman
(2) Batman
(3) Wonder Woman
(4) Green Latern -- Hal Jordan
(5) Black Canary
(6) Zantana
(7) Vixen (don't know why but I like her)
(8) Hawkgirl
(9) Red Tornado
(10) Creeper, Belphagor, Sliver Sorceress, or Ice (I know the last two are dead).

For some reason I don't see the Flash joining nor Atom (he standing on Elongated Man's shoulder). Although I would certainly add 3-5 more members to bring it 13-15 total. Hell make it 20 total. The JLA is the biggest and best superhero team. Regardless there are supposed to be numerous guest and reserve members in the series.

What I would like to see is the return of the Queen Bee (a la JLE), she was a subtle character who caused plenty of problems for the JLE without direct confrontation. I also wouldn't mind seeing a new Global Guardians (I liked how the JLE developed Jack-o-Lantern and Owlwoman)that the writers have actually put some thought into the characters rather then portraying American stereotypes of europeans. The Crimson Fox was a good start but they killed her and her twin, but who needs to see a bullfighter with a sword from Spain or a Beef-Eater guardsmen from Britain. They don't have to be wearing the flag of the country nor so iconic.


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