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December 14, 2005


Mark Fossen

I read both UXM and USM in the nice oversized hardcovers.

Of the two, I would go with UXM. I liked Millar's twist on the characters, and the Kuberts make some reeeeeeeal purty pictures.


Well, if you're looking for old-school soap opera-ish young superhero action, I don't think there is a current book that does it better than USM. It's not going to change the world or anything, but it delivers what it promises month-in and month-out. Plus, the unwavering creative team is a massive plus, unless you hate Bendis and Bagley, in which case it would likely be a deal killer.


And that's the problem -- You _know_ everything's going to end up just fine, if for no other reason than because if Marvel is to keep the Ultimate Universe viable, they have to put everything back.

As Jake pointed out over on 2 Guys Buying Comics, I will be shocked if this Attack on America gets mentioned at all in either USM, UXM, or UFF.

(By the way, for your reading recommendation, personally I'd go with UFF. It's not as soap-opery as USM, and not as wrapped up in "Let's see who we can Ultimize next!" as UXM.

UFF has actually been pretty good so far --- it's a much younger take on the team, and the trades have a good Doom arc and a cool Warren Ellis arc about the Negative Zone.


I've actually read the first 20 issues or so of UFF and enjoyed it. I'm leaning towards the X-man book if for no other reason than I'm not really reading any X books right now.

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