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November 30, 2005


David C

I used to have a bunch of these when I was a kid. I think the DC cups came out significantly earlier than the first Marvel ones - mostly before I was frequenting 7-11 regularly, in any case, because I only had a couple of them.

Interesting trivial side note is calling Mary Marvel "Ms. Shazam" and Captain Marvel Jr. "Shazam Jr." I don't recall seeing those names for the characters anyplace else.

Marvel licensing seemed really keen on pushing the B-list characters back then.

Anybody remember these stickers?

I had a ton of those, and they had all sorts of semi-obscure characters featured along with the big guys, like Man-Thing, Son of Satan, and others.


I still have a bunch of these stickers, as well as the complete puzzle you could make out of the cards that came with them. I'll post a bunch of them some time.


These were great. we would go with my dad to the car wash (wishy-wash, we called it) then get slurpees after. I get all nostalgic about the b-listers. Whatever happened to Nighthawk? Thundra?

My wife and I went to 7-11 to get Hulk and Iron Man slurpees when the movies came out last year. Just like old times.

Marvel has some new glasses out too, my wife bought me Iron Man. I got my brother a cool Christmas one.

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Oh my goodness!! I have to agree with an earlier post...Annie makes me want a little girl to add to my 2 boys, and I want one that dresses in tu-tus and cat eye glasses too! She's so dang adorable!! I LOVE your Annie pics!


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