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November 07, 2005



I kind of thought that Alix's depiction wasn't so much a "have your cheesecake and eat it, too" as much as a plot device and an interesting dig at comic readers. We're all Lance. We're all looking at comic porn of young girls in tights who never get older. Married comic readers do it in the same house as our beautiful wives.

He's trying to get her to let him work outhis pygmalion fantasy with his own wife and turn her into the thing he desires. He's ignoring what he's got, whih there's no small suggestion isn't bad, in favor of the fantasy. Of course, the fantasy kills him.

There's your morality play right there.

Bulleteer could have been a 320 pound woman with no teeth who undergoes a magical transformation, but she didn't. She's a thing of beauty already.

Notice how at the beginning she sees herself in the mirror as a freak and at the end she's in the mirror again.

I guess we have three more issues to find out.


That was supposed to read:

I'm not sure what it means, I'm usually wrong.

I guess we have three more issues to find out.


I think the interplay between Alix and her husband can be read on a lot of levels. And it was a pretty interesting way to relaunch a character, no matter what Morrison’s intentions were regarding how she’s depicted. I’m real curious to see if any of the sociology explored in this issue is expanded on in the remaining three. But I suspect not, since it appears (from the back of the issue promo) that we’ll finally be revisiting the events of the SSOV kickoff book.


the toughest thing about SSoV is that it's so spread out and that the series arrived during the Infinite Crisis hoopla (I mean hoopla in the best way possible here). These books have, no doubt, been lost in the shuffle. More to the point, I don't think I've ever had more to keep track of at once across so many comics.

The SSoV books beg to be reread once you've gotten a little further into the series, but with all the other stuff I'm picking up, I'm not necessarily finding the time.

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