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November 20, 2005


Aya Ayuvara

Sad to see Batgirl go :( I didn't like her new costume, too much like fetishwear for me, but I like the character. She deserves her own book.

But on the other hand we have so many batman titles.. *sigh*... it always happens to "my" heroines. Be it DC or Marvel.


And you know BATGIRL wasn't selling that bad - consistently around 27K, usually in the top 80. But it had lost some momentum from last year. Of course you could say the same thing about ROBIN and that title seems to have survived.

In terms of female characters, HAWKMAN getting flipped over to HAWKGIRL has promise. I just wish Chaykin wasn't writing it.


I THOUGHT I read that a "Batwoman" title was in the works, though I have no idea where I heard that. So, I suspect Barbara Gordon is going to be wearing a cape and cowl again. Where that leaves Batgirl, I have no idea (Barbara's personal Robin?). Batgirl still hasn't made a major impact on the DCU after several years in existence, so I imagine DC has decided that her comic is expendable. (I mean, no offense, but Azrael was somebody's favorite character, too).

With the return of Green Arrow, Hal Jordan, Supergirl and others, I think they'll find a way to get Barbara mobile again.

But, I'm usually wrong.


Haven't heard anything about a Batwoman title but there's sure tons of speculation about Barbara Gordon becoming Batgirl/Batwoman again. Personally, I think that would be a mistake.


Bringing Batgirl back would certainly lessen the punch of "Killing Joke" and reinforce the idea that in the DCU, nothing is permanent. But I don't know if they should keep the current Batgirl around in her current incarnation either, not with mediocre numbers and a luke-warm fanbase.

I do like Oracle, so I'm not crazy about having Barbara back as Batgirl. But it seems at DC that the 70's are new again. I don't think it's a bad thing. I just think they're having to do some heavy lifting to get their tried and true toyetic characters back on the shelf and a lot of fans aren't going to like how they got there.

Ichiban Comics

Hey I like your economic analysis of comic book buying. I'm sure revs will shoot up if the books charge a higher price, but doing that pushes down the units sold figure--which might have a drastic effect on word-of-mouth promos, etc. So for the big guys, higher prices might be good, but for the indy's (and small ad budget-types), taking the model of "Fell" is a smart route!


I’m glad you enjoyed it – more to come.

Obviously I was being a bit facetious about raising prices, but the truth is, at the very top end of the sales chart increased prices would likely have little effect on unit sales of those books. The impact of these higher prices is felt at the lower end of the chart as less popular books and new titles looking for an audience are left aside so buyers can stay within their budget.

I’m not sure what to make of FELL just yet, sales-wise. (The book is great.) The number haven’t been that great but it’s kind of a niche story. From a numbers standpoint, I’d love to see something similar done with a mainstream superhero title.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

Ellis made an interesting point about Fell in a recent Bad Signal, something to the effect of the first issue hitting the apparent ceiling for his creator-owned work despite the lower cover price and Image banner. You could spin that a couple of ways, I guess, but considering Beckett's inability to gain any traction in the marketplace at the same price point for a traditional 32-page comic book (though not with done-in-one stories), I don't think the price itself is a magic bullet. I'd be interested in seeing what kind of numbers Marvel's doing with their 7/11 targeted titles, which I believe are also $1.99.

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