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October 10, 2005



The big problem for me was, as far as I know, this miniseries is building on events that have not yet occured in the pages of New Avengers. I think the current storyline in New Avengers is establishing the Sentry's current status quo, which is used as a fait acompli in the first issue of the miniseries. Either I've missed an issue, or the scheduling demon has reared his ugly head yet again....


Well, the Sentry was picked, a long time ago. Stan Lee came up with this guy before he came up with the FF. IIRC, he was in a couple of issues, but dropped, becuase Stan thought he was borring.

Some material was found durring cleaning, or something like that, and that was the jump start for the first mini.


Jhunt - I think you're probably right, but things have been a bit muddled in the New Avengers so I'm not going to whack them with the continuity stick just yet.

drObviousSo - nice name by the way - My understanding is that the whole Sentry as a pre-FF creation was merely artistic license used in the first Sentry books in an attempt to validate some sort of golden age credentials. He was not conceived by Stan Lee at all - Jenkins gets full credit for the character in everything I've read.

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