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October 18, 2005


Scott Cederlund

That's a good guess. With all the hubbub and the next cover, I thought that Alexander was referring to Kal-L's cousin, Power Girl.

Mark Fossen

I'm thinking the "her" is Supergirl. But you're right on target with Wondy. I don;t see how she can't die.


Clearly not as obvious as I thought.

Power Girl occurred to me but since she's the poster child for retroactive continuity I wasn’t sure if she’s really GA Superman’s cousin still, or not. I think she might be a little misdirection on Johns' part.

I don’t think it’s Supergirl since we have this new Supergirl, and the old one didn’t really have a direct tie to GA Superman. And maybe I’m reading too much into this but the way Alexander is depicted leaning in to whisper in Superman’s ear makes me think he’s purposely staying out of Lois’ earshot.

One final note: on my TPB cover of CIE, Earth I Superman is holding a dead Supergirl and Earth II Supes is holding…Wonder Woman. Which proves nothing. Just throwing it out there.

David C

I was thinking Power Girl. I think it may turn out that PG isn't Kal-L's cousin anymore, but basically his "daughter" - though perhaps not literally. Like she's the avatar of the four "limbo" heroes on Earth.

Matt Spatola

I also was thinking the return of Supergirl but now you have me thinking with this Wonder Woman thing. And who knows, replacing her at the end of Infinite Crisis could be done as easily as when John Byrne rebooted Superman. They've done it before.

Iron Lungfish

DC continuity is such a fucked-up mess. God, someone please just reboot the universe from scratch.


I'm putting my money on them talking about Lois. It's the weight of the "her" that just gives me a feeling that's the case.

Heroes need to be able to take care of themselves. Wonder Woman might need help, but I don't think she'll need to be saved.

And Supergirl, honestly, jsut hasn't been established enough yet. It's tempting to think they'll just carbon copy CoIE, and THIS time Superman will save Kara. But I don't think that's the case.

In Adventures of Superman, Mxy said the whole new Crisis was about Lois and Superman. Rucka wouldn't have just said that lightly.

I think this is tying to something we haven't seen yet.


But, wait... Upon reflection (it's been a while since I read CoIE), but didn't Luthor have sort of fling with Supergirl before she died? In which case he probably WOULD be talking about Kara.

Ok. I admit it. I don't know. Well, what fun is it if you know, right?


But, but...Lois is with Superman - at least the GA Lois. What's he saving her from that isn't avoided by staying put? Old age, cancer?

I'm not ruling her out but it would definitely require some threat to Lois we haven't seen. (And if it's the current Lois he's protecting - well, that's a little too weird, isn't it?)

I just can't come up with any way having it be Kara makes sense. Not that making sense will hold anyone back.

Captain Infinity

Kill Wonder Woman? That's so 1985 Crisis.


yeah, but GA Lois is a different set of atoms and molecules from current continuity (CC) Lois. We don't even know what the threat is yet, so I'm not sure what he's saving her from.

That said, concern over Kara would make more sense as these four would know that Kara didn't make it through the last Crisis (being that they're the only folks that know that).

I love not knowing. I don't pay $3.00 for a comic so I can nod knowingly when a telgraphed move tells me exactly where a story is going.

For all we know, they're talking about Lady Quark or Etta Candy and this is all a red herring.

Who knows? Maybe it IS Wonder Woman.

I just remember people coming out and boldly procaliming the murderer in Identity Crisis HAD to be Nightwing or some other way off-base character.

I ain't guessing anymore.


But I love making bold predictions. Like the one I made about the White Sox being lucky to win one game in the post season or when I told anyone who would listen that there is no way Bush would nominate Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. So I’m right there with those yahoos who thought Nightwing (Nightwing?) was the culprit in Identity Crisis.

I agree that the whole thing is fun - which was sorely missing from Identity Crisis by the way.


If it makes you feel any better, I spent Tuesday declaring the Astros wouldn't win the series, even when they were up by three games.

This is why I should quit predicting pretty much anything.

But, yes, I can't remember where I read it, but somebody out there somewhere was pointing the finger at Nightwing and wrote a dissertation regarding why it was so obvious the culprit had to be Nightwing.

You sort of have to put it in context of all of the crazy predictions of the time. At that point, it was sort of like "Oh, please. I'm not saying I know who it is, but DC Comics is not making Dick Grayson, Robin, a brutal murderer."

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