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September 02, 2005



Kurt, a few thoughts--

SIN CITY--You're absolutely dead-on in your assessment, however what I think makes this fun is sort of a meta-statement: being devoid of wit and elegance is exactly what readers (myself anyway) love about crime noir a la Raymond Chandler and to a lesser (wittier?) extent, Dashiell Hammett.

TRANSMETROPOLITAN--This is what made me fall in love with Ellis. And yeah, I can see how reading the TPB would make you want to take it in small doses. It read much better as a quasi-monthly.

POWERS--Brilliant, brilliant premise. Artwork? To this day I remain unimpressed with Oeming. Too bad Maleev or Lark couldn't have drawn this. Otherwise, yeah, it's pretty much a textbook for decompression, but Bendis really blended noir and capes exceptionally well with this one.

Awesome reviews; I just picked up the first volume of Preacher myself, and hope to compare notes with you on that one as well.

Keep up the good work!



One suggestion: pick up the first volume of the Ex Machina series. Really creative stuff.


Thanks Chris. A couple of responses:

Chandler devoid of wit? Bite your tongue. But I'll agree that Miller's doing it intentionally.

I'm definitely finding that some books are best read monthly and some I prefer to read in TPB where slower plotting isn’t so excruciating. Case in point: EX MACHINA. I came into it typically late, picked up the first six issues on eBay and loved it. Then switched to the monthly and couldn’t handle the pacing – I need it in larger doses. So now I’m buying it in TPB. I just have to train myself to ignore that instinct to buy the latest of everything as it hits the shelves.

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