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September 28, 2005



goon 14 was bad-ass through the first story but then fell apart... still thought that first story was worth the cost tho ;)

ps how you been partner?

aya ayuvara

Regarding Day of Vengeance #6

Obviously you did not like it. However, I did.
I never got warm with the characters. A bit too far out to feel for them yet. However I liked the over-the-top concepts here. I also and especially liked BLack Alice and her wish to return home in the end.
However we all know heroes can not always win. These didn't. Not yet. However now there is pretty much everything open for an ongoign series, which is, I think, the intent of this book. And in delivering this point the book did pretty good.


Zilla - I've been great! Busy, but busy is good.

Aya - I liked DOV fine until the last issue or two when I thought it lost it's way a bit. Something of a let down. I agree that this now appears to be more of a pilot series than anything else. I suppose I should just view it in that context.

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