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July 10, 2005



Great post. Watchmen was definitely one of the first books i was recommended when i got back "in" (one guy even telling me "you can't call yourself a comics reader if you haven't read Watchmen"). i haven't gotten around to it yet but i can't wait for it to make it to my door via my august mailordercomics shipment. i'm looking forward to it now (after reading this) more than ever.

i have to say i agree w/ you about TPB's too - this is something we didn't have much as kids and i can't believe how much easier it's made it on me getting back into the swing (plus i tend to love the "extras" you get with them)... i read fewer and fewer floppies each month it seems - and more and more trades.


ps i personally love your "road back" posts (they hit home). keep them up ;)


I'm buying a lot of trades these days too - mostly of the older stuff I missed. I still haven't made the switch to TPB for most of my monthly reads, but I'm sure that will change.

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