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July 31, 2005



i'm not sure if it's my exposure or what but for some reason manga is just so unappealing to me... the style just rubs me the wrong way. that being said - i have been *trying* to dip my toe by reading Blade of the Immortal (and it's not half bad) :)


I feel somewhat the same way, but I'm coming around. I suspect there are more than a few titles that would appeal to guys like us, we just have to find them. There's also plenty that aren't meant to appeal to us, and that's cool too.


You know what superheroes fans misses when they don't read manga? Hot young girls waiting to hug the crap out of you (it's call glomping) when they found out you like the title they'd liked. Tons of young hotties parading in revealing costums, and ready to kiss you if you recognized their obscure Yaoi or Shoujo characters. Those who read only pamphlets will never know such joy. ^.^

There's your secret sauce for manga's success. Massive fans of boys and girl age 8-18. Something the Big2 will never, ever see again.


on some level that may be true... but there are some manga aimed at adult kids (over 25) no?


Wasn't there a wave of romantic comics back at the dawn of Marvel and DC era? Maybe superhero comics were just such a windfall that big American comics publishers tapped that source of revenue and forgot to innovate. There is still time for change.

Lyle Masaki

I posted a reaction to Hibbs' column a while back:


Basically, my feeling is that Hibbs' experience reflects his rare situation. Hibbs' store is one of the best places to go for comics, but he has a major manga competitor less than a mile away -- a competitor that has a huge stock that's well maintained (complete runs will usually be found for the series they carry). I suspect his manga sales are heavily frontloaded because his store isn't in a position to draw customers looking for older manga releases -- they head towards the competitor where they'd be sure to find it.

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