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July 01, 2005



great post kurt. loved it.


ps did you see we got a shout out over at Yet Another Comics Blog today... and I found me a new contributer who's been on hiatus for a while too... the gang of 2 is quickly becoming more of an army my friend ;)


Thanks Zilla. I haven't had a chance to make my regular blog rounds - traveling the last two days and on the East Coast right now visiting family. But hopefully I'll make it over there today. Amazing how many people like us seem to be out there.


I remember the Spawn/Batman title for one main reason: It was the first issue where I knew for a certain fact that Miller hated Superman. I had my suspicions after Dark Knight Returns but this book actually had Batman thinking (about Spawn) "he's almost as stupid as Clark."

Since I'm a Superman fan, I didn't care for this and was not suprised when Miller had more of "Superman acts like a jerk" in The Dark Knight Strikes Again" and just avoided buying the comic.


Yeah, I've noticed that as well. Never quite understood all the negativity towards Supes. I'me reading Eisner and Miller right now. Maybe he'll explain it.

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