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June 04, 2005


The League of Melbotis

Thoroughly enjoyed the series, but after your review I want to reread it again in one sitting. Ethan Van Scriver's art on the series was amazing, especially his visualizations of the personalized "ring effect". Not sure anybody could keep that level of detail up on a monthly basis, but I'll take it where I can get it.

Johns, once again, does a great job of reviving a character with a complicated backstory, and he manages to meld what others would turn into page after page of exposition into an actual story. Enough other people say good things about Johns that I don't feel I have to, but throw me in with that crowd.

Anyway, looking forward to the ongoing, especially after the first issue and Secret Files. And it seems I heard they're doing a separate Corps book, so all of the GL's will have a home.

I was always a sideline GL fan, but these books are really fulfilling the potential of the concept of the GLs.

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